Loss doesn’t just come from events such as bereavement or miscarriage. And we don’t always know that what we’re feeling IS loss.

Feelings of loss can stem from many things.

These include relationships ending, a pet dying, kids leaving home, changing job, redundancy or a business failing. When we move house, town or country, we can struggle with the loss of that home and local friendships.

Are you a 40+ woman feeling like you don’t fit in anymore?

If you lose yourself in loss, it can feel like you’re losing your identity. As if life is on hold – or just not how you thought it would be.

Does this sound like you?

  • You numb yourself with wine, food and online shopping – though you know they’re not helping

  • You often doze in front of the TV, then struggle to sleep at night – and don’t want sleep meds in case they make you feel worse

  • Your clothes don’t fit anymore and your confidence is low, but you can’t face joining a slimming club

  • You used to love your job, but now worry you might get fired because you’re just coasting along

  • You find yourself worrying all the time and fear everything’s slipping through your fingers

Of course, all this can have a knock-on effect on your relationships with loved ones and colleagues.

If this IS you – I know you just want to feel better.

And I can help you cope with emotional loss WITHOUT having to drag up any painful stuff. I use effective pain-free methods that help you feel instantly lighter. Sometimes I work using aromatherapy oils, visualisation and energy alignment. Sometimes we take a more therapeutic route using talk therapy and coaching.

Get started on the journey back to the Real You

Yes, the one you were before things changed. Get in touch and let’s find out how we can work together.


What my clients say…

It’s my first pregnancy, and I lost my baby in 25week. I was so shocked, heartbroken and totally lost. When people asked me ‘Do you want to talk?’ ‘Do you want to see therapist?’ I even didn’t know if I need or not. One night, I couldn’t sleep, what happened repeatedly appeared in my mind with every single detail… like a endless movie. I realized that I need help. I reached to Jo and had 3 therapies. She is so kind and professional. She listened to me, sent me her book and gifts. She taught me how to deal with this trauma, we went through mantra, meditation, square breathing… which help me a lot. Most importantly, I can help myself with these methods when I am in bad moments… Save myself from this life tragedy. Thank you Jo!