Sarah’s Miscarriage Story

 I was 36 so in 2006.  We had moved to America in the May and I was really keen to get pregnant as soon as possible. We had one child already who was 6 and had been trying for about 3 years to have another without any luck. All that time though we had been living in Russia so life was fairly hectic and stressful. As soon as we moved to America I started investigating IVF treatment. I got pregnant with our first go and as you have a blood test to confirm I knew that my ‘numbers’ weren’t that high and weren’t doubling every two days as they should be. I kept having blood tests to check and things seemed to be getting better however after three weeks I started bleeding. I went to the doctors and she booked me in for a scan. That’s when they said there was no heartbeat.

Did you have any support from friends/family/GP or the Hospital?

  As we were living over seas I had no family nearby. I hardly had any close friends really as we had only lived there for about 4 months. My doctor was very supportive though.

What was the hardest thing for you at the time?

 I think it took a while to sink in really. It had been so stressful having all the blood tests and not knowing if it was going to work or not that when I actually knew it hadn’t worked I went and booked a holiday straight away. I felt like my chances of having another baby were slipping away. But I just wanted to try again as soon as possible.

What helped you heal?

Like I said I booked a holiday to Hawaii! The day I finally knew that it hadn’t worked my husband and I went for a long walk and talked about it all. Counted my blessings that I had one healthy child.
Booked in for my next IVF which was successful and I went onto have twins!