Do you feel Fear after a Miscarriage?

Often after a miscarriage or #babyloss – we feel crippling fear. So much so that it is keeping us stuck and safe.

Our Ego, often jumps in to keep us safe, and this is also keeping us stuck. Stuck in the same loop – living a ground-hog day and it just doesn’t seem to get any better.

I felt Fear too

I remember it well… I was so incredibly fearful about trying again for another baby after I lost mine at 24 weeks. It took me three years, to get to a place where I felt ready and able to try again.  When I felt ready, I fell pregnant and had a successful pregnancy and birth. Something that we can’t take for granted any more, considering 1 in 4 of us experience #babyloss.

Somehow I knew that all would be well this time, that she was meant to be here and I was convinced there would be no other outcome.  She bounced into the world successfully nine months later.

We hold it in our energy

It took me three years to release my fear.  It wasn’t until I came across energy healing, while I was studying for my Aromatherapy Diploma, that I realised we are more than mind and body, there is a whole other aspect to us. The unseen part of us, which is our energy. The electric magnetic frequency that surrounds us, also called our Aura. Unseen to most, but definitely there.

The interesting thing about Fear is the acronym is False Evidence Appearing Real and it can appear to be very real!

What can you do about it?

We can build up a scenario in our mind, which convinces us it is real.  So what can we do about it?   When you feel fearful, ask yourself if it’s 100% true. Then ask what evidence do I have that this will happen? You may think, it’s happened to me before, so it can happen again. It could, AND there is a strong possibility that it won’t, and that we have decided this is the way it will be, from our previous experiences.

Feel the Fear and do it anyway

Feeling fear, is a normal and natural part of the human experience and is there to keep us safe. In some circumstances, when we feel threatened and need to get out of a dangerous situation, we need it. However when it becomes a habit, in everyday life this is when it can become an issue.

Be aware how fear is affecting your daily life. Is it keeping you stuck in one place, unable to move forward? If it is, consider talking to someone who can help.

The best way to counteract fear is to take action. Often, what we fear the most is the doing, and once we have done it, we have conquered our fear. We find that it wasn’t nearly as awful as we were expecting it to be.

I offer a coffee and chat call, where I’d love to hear more about your experience or you can join my Facebook Support Group.

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Jo x