Letting Go

After a miscarriage, pregnancy loss or baby loss of any kind – it’s not easy to let go of it. It permeates your entire being, infiltrating each and every cell of your body with sadness and heaviness and weighs you down.

Understandably so, because you’ve been through a heavy blow and an unexpected turn of events, something so difficult that it shocks you to your core.

You often feel lethargic, and tired and emotional and feel like you’re pushing water up hill.

I remember it well

The heaviness, the lethargy, the weight of the loss in my heart and I wondered if I’d ever feel back to normal again.

And eventually I did. It took time and I wish I had known what I now know. I’ve been through a lot of self-development since my loss and it really is what has got me through. But you don’t know what you don’t know right?

Where do I start?

It’s hard though isn’t it, because you don’t know where to start….. you don’t know what is going to help and often times we reach for the not so healthy options to help us through….. we often eat our feelings, or drink them away and end up feeling worse than before.

I now know that we carry our “stuff” in our energy field – the unseen part of us that radiates out of our body – often referred to as our Aura.

I also know that we can release our “stuff” from our energy field and feel a huge benefit, we feel lighter, empowered and totally different. We can start to find our way forward, to feel hope again and start to accept our loss, slowly but surely.

Getting messy

Often my clients tell me that they are afraid to let go, because they think it’s going to get messy and they’ll lose control.

Julia said “I was terrified of the pop of the cork and gush of emotions which might occur…the unleashing of all those buried thoughts”

What I have found is that it’s always the thought and fear of doing it that is worse than the actual letting go. People told me it wasn’t as difficult as they had expected.

Groundhog Day

If this is you and you feel the weight of your loss bearing down on you and you’d love to feel lighter, happier and have hope back in your life, please do contact me to see how I can help.

I promise it will be worth it, so that you can start living your life again.

I can also promise it won’t be as difficult as you’re fearing it will be. You’ll know when you’re ready to take the next step because you are fed up of being stuck in ground-hog day.

Remember, when you let go of something, you create space for something else to come in. Something better, something worthwhile and you start to feel your life begin to flow in the right direction.

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