I’ve made it to a finalist in the Mpower Business Awards in the Voice Category!

I was so incredibly happy to be chosen as a finalist in the Mpower Business Awards – if you don’t know about Mpower – it’s a National organisation which supports Mum’s in Business.   There are many categories and I was entered in to the Voice category.

The Voice

You may have noticed if you’ve been following me for a while, that I’m passionate about giving the silent pain of Miscarriage and baby loss a voice.

All too often, it’s not spoken of and lies in the category of a “taboo” subject within our society.  Sometimes women feel shame, for not having carried a baby to full term, and others blame themselves for something they may or may not have done.  Many women feel anger at why it should have happened, anger at the way they were treated by the medical profession.  Mostly women feel guilty – that insidious emotion, the one the clings like a limpet and shrouds like a black cloud.  Oh yes, you know the one.

Emotions, Thoughts and Feelings

After miscarriage and baby loss we run a gamut of emotions, thoughts and feelings.  Most of which are detrimental to our mental health.  We tend to carry them along with us, getting heavier and heavier each day, like a sack of potatoes on our back.  We lock them away and shut them down.  Every so often they escape and manifest into angry outbursts, bouts of hysteria, anxiety, sleeplessness, illness, stress, depression and many more…… you get the picture.

I’m passionate about giving these thoughts, feelings and emotions a voice.  As soon as something is voiced, it starts to weigh less heavy in our energy, but often still remains there.  In the work I do, I help women release them from their energy, so they feel lighter and more able to get to the positive emotions, thoughts and feelings.  It’s the best thing ever, watching the shifts and why I love the work I do.

I didn’t voice my experience around my baby loss, until I “came out” many years later.   Friends were surprised I had been through this experience.  They had no idea…. we don’t tend to speak about it, we brush it under the carpet and there it remains until it permeates out.


One person speaks out, then another becomes brave and wants to also share and so it goes on.  The voice becomes louder, is heard and this is why I’m so passionate and grateful to be represented in the Voice category at the Mpower Awards.  #breakthesilence.  A voice, has its own energy, it reverberates and it is so, so powerful.

I’m so excited to attend the Mpower Awards Gala Dinner on 29th June in Birmingham and be amongst some truly, inspirational Mums in Business. I feel like a winner to have got this far.

If you’re a mum in Business and would like to join a community for Mum’s in Business check out the website https://www.facebook.com/groups/mpowermumsinbiz/

If you’ve experienced miscarriage or baby loss you may find my book helpful –

Please reach out if you’d like to speak about your miscarriage and baby loss journey – join my community of Mums who know what you’re going through.

Much Love

Jo x

I mentor women who have experienced miscarriage & pregnancy loss and are feeling stuck, isolated, and terrified of trying again.

I coach (guide) them to confidently release the pain, fear and guilt, so that they can feel acknowledged, heard and supported and ready to try again for another baby, in a way that is soulful, heartfelt and compassionate.