Going back to work after a miscarriage

It certainly isn’t easy to go back to work after having had a miscarriage or any type of baby loss.  I struggled with this.  I was in the corporate world and found it one of the hardest things to deal with after my loss.

The director of my department was female and when she found out I was pregnant, was overly delighted for me.  She then told me she’d suffered 6 miscarriages.  After that, I felt she was in my corner….. but when I returned to work, she was the least empathetic of all!  Shock and bafflement was an understatement.  I struggled with this and I’ve since found out it’s quite common.

How empathetic is your boss?

Many women tell me they’ve had a tough experience on their first few days back.  I get it, I truly do.  You don’t feel the same and you’re navigating some very complex emotions and trying to hold yourself together to get through…. this was my experience anyway, and I spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom in those early weeks.  It got better after a while, my emotions weren’t as raw….

Working Hard produces Stress

As women, in an often male dominated environment, we feel we have to work harder, stronger and smarter to be noticed (because often we feel we are not enough as we are, and often we feel we have to compete to be heard), especially if we have that loud, super-confident, sarky male (you know the one)!  As we work hard and long hours we are quite often stressed.  Stress produces hormones, which affect our body and systems, which can affect us getting pregnant and quite of staying pregnant.

Join me for a Master class tonight (Thursday 25th July – 8.00pm GMT)

Join me tonight at 8.00pm where I’ll be running a MasterClass here in the group about returning to work after your Pregnancy Loss.

I’ll be looking at 3 things which can affect you when you return to work – there are many but I’ll be sharing 3.

1) You will feel and face complex emotions – so how do you get through them at work?

2) You are possibly desperate to replace your loss with another baby but fear is getting in the way – what can you do?

3) As a woman, working in a male dominated arena, you often feel you have to work harder, longer hours and produce more, than your male counterparts. This can lead to more stress, and stress leads to your immune system shutting down – how does this affect you getting pregnant again?

Join me in my Facebook Group – tonight for 8.00pm.  I look forward to seeing you there!

I mentor women who have experienced miscarriage & pregnancy loss and are feeling stuck, isolated, and terrified of trying again.

I coach them to confidently release the pain, fear and guilt, so that they can feel acknowledged, heard and supported and ready to try again for another baby, in a way that is soulful, heartfelt and compassionate.

All my best

Jo x