Unresolved grief is a heavy burden to carry.

You may have experienced your pregnancy loss many years ago. Buried in your mind but not leaving your heart.

For some women the feelings are buried deep. They feel they shouldn’t talk about something which happened years ago, pushing their feelings to one side. But for many this unresolved grief holds people back in life.

Are you feeling the weight of your Pregnancy Loss lying heavily on you? Do you feel alone in your thoughts and feelings because no one knows what you’re going through or experiencing?

Or you may have just got on with life and tried not to dwell on your loss. But now you find it’s starting to bubble up into your consciousness and it needs some attention. It needs to be resolved for you to come to terms with what happened. To feel a sense of closure.

Baby Loss Workshop

Join me at my Baby Loss Workshop with Arantxa De Dios (Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach for an inspirational morning of healing after your loss.

I will teach you an award winning technique that you can use to every day. This will help you shift those low feelings and emotions we carry around with us.

You will be supported, in a safe environment.  Surrounded by like minded people who understand what you’re going through.  The time you spend with me and Arantxa will help you to release some of the silent pain you’ve been holding,while honouring your baby.

Imagine how it would feel to be free of the weight of that heaviness and sadness and feel happy again. Releasing you to a place where you can start to feel your normal self once more.  Free of the heavy emotions of guilt, blame and fear.

Change in life is inevitable and it is our choice how we navigate this

Join us, so we can show you how.

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