Mother’s Day can be Fraught…

Especially this year when we have had so much turmoil throughout the year.


Let’s celebrate Mother’s everywhere

Those who have had to home school, those who have had to hold the fort, while working from home and those who haven’t been able to see their children because they have been self-isolating.

For those who have lost their Mother and those who haven’t been able to see their mother because they’ve been in a care home.

For those who thought they would be Mothers by now, and have lost a baby in pregnancy or not managed to be pregnant yet.

I salute you all, and I ask you to please be gentle with yourselves on Mother’s Day.


If you’re alone, do something lovely for yourself

  • watch a good film
  • have a Netflix binge
  • read a good book
  • have a bath with some beautiful smelly essential oils (Lavender and Geranium are perfect).
  • buy yourself your favourite food and some goodies to enjoy
  • buy some flowers for yourself
  • cry if you need to
  • light a candle for your missing loved one and keep it burning all day
  • take yourself out for a walk
  • remember the things your Mother loved to do, and one of them
  • keep off social media
  • take time out just to “be”

If you don’t want to be reminded of everyone else’s activities, keep off social media, it can make you feel worse.


Above all show some love and compassion to yourself – you deserve it after the year we have all had.

They say happiness can’t be found in a handbag, shoes and jewellery, but they do help raise your spirits, if you have a passion for them.

Lastly, take time out for YOU!  Do what you’d love to do.


My thoughts are with you all this Mother’s Day.