About Jo

My experience with holistic therapy and transformational coaching is not just rooted in knowledge. It’s rooted in empathy. 

I have travelled my own journey of pregnancy loss that fuelled my desire to help others. That’s why I founded Life After Miscarriage, Perinatal and Baby loss to support women going through grief and help transform their future through proven healing therapies. It’s also one of the reasons I avidly support The Genesis Research Trust, which helps people prevent miscarriages. 

Starting in corporate then transferring to care and compassion, the 20+ year career I have developed has allowed me to do what I’ve always loved doing. Helping people. 

I have worked with 2000+ people to help transform their lives and set them on a path to a brighter future.

I am a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and have trained in different 10 healing therapies.

  • Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Energy/spiritual healing, Chrysalis Effect, Wellbeing Coaching, Reiki, Hypnosis, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, Energy Alignment Method, Meditation

My training and experience have led me to speak about loss and the effects it can have on both women and men on national podcasts and global radio interviews. 

I aim to help people through my writing too. I wrote the book “Life After Miscarriage – Your Guide to Healing from Pregnancy Loss” to help women navigate their pain and loss and co-authored “Notes To My Younger Self Vol 3”, an international bestseller. 

I also collaborated on “Our Infinite Power to Heal” and have contributed to Psychologies.co.uk. My work has been featured in The Telegraph and Huffington Post, and I have spoken on stage in numerous venues about the effects of grief.

Why do I vocalise these issues?

People who are suffering loss shouldn’t feel alone. Talking about heartache openly with audiences is something I believe in and will continue to do throughout my career. 

My goal is simple. 

To help people feel safe, held and understood, no matter their situation or pain. It’s ok if the journey is a bit rocky. I’m here to hold your hand and help you get to the other side through light, love and compassion. 

How can I help you get there?

Holistic help and coaching

If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or are struggling to cope with loss, I am here to help. There are no judgements, no preconceptions, just simple healing therapy that will help you achieve light after loss. 

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Essences by Jo

Sometimes we all just need a breather. Having studied aromatherapy massage treatments, I have understood the striking benefits of essential oils and everything they offer. That’s why I started Essences by Jo. Everyone needs to look after themselves every once in a while. Often we forget that. I wanted to bring back the idea of self-care through the tradition of essential oil therapy and offer a range of essences that work

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You don’t have to have suffered a loss to experience a dip. Often we put others first in our lives and forget to look after ourselves. Through my journey in helping others, I discovered that too many people are soldiering on and not taking enough time out for themselves. That’s where retreats come in. Pushing yourself to book something and taking essential time to switch off is crucial to your well being. I wanted to create a safe space for people to take a breath, enjoy time off and connect with themselves again and begin that healing journey.

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