About Jo

Jo Tocher, is a transformational coach, holistic therapist and aromatherapist. She is the founder of Life After Miscarriage, Perinatal & Baby Loss, which s specialises in enabling women to heal from the trauma of miscarriage and pregnancy loss and general loss.

In her 20 plus year career,  and as a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Jo has worked with over 3000+ people and trained in different 12 healing therapies, which she combines to enable people to change their lives.

She’s the Author of “Life After Miscarriage – Your Guide to Healing from Pregnancy Loss” and a co-author of  “Notes To My Younger Self Vol 3” an international bestseller, and “Our Infinite Power to Heal” and has written for Psychologies.co.uk. Her work has been in the National press – The Telegraph and Huffington Post. She has been interviewed on a variety of national podcasts and radio interviews, listened to around the world.

She’s spoken on stage about the effects of grief and she’s worked in the iconic Sanctuary Spa, the Portland Hospital and a clinic in Harley Street, London.

Jo crossed over from working in the corporate world to pursuing her passion in Holistic Therapies after experiencing her own late pregnancy loss. Which is why she is so passionate about supporting The Genesis Research Trust  to help more people prevent Miscarriages.  Jo is working on creating her vision to enable millions of women who have this experience to move forward, find hope and meaning again.e

During lockdown, she explored a real passion of hers and launched her aromatherapy oils and blends, Essences By Jo which has just launched its “Little Box of Wellbeing” subscription and gift boxes.

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