Carly's Miscarriage Story Carly, please tell me about your miscarriage I have had 5 miscarriages. I had my first fresh cycle round of IVF in 2011 when I was 35. It was successful and I saw a heartbeat on the screen at 6w and 7w and then at 8w there was no heartbeat. I [...]

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Melanie's  Miscarriage Story Melanie, please tell us about your miscarriage In November 2015 we lost our very much longed for baby, who we named Grace Rose to a missed miscarriage. My pregnancy took us by surprise and being in our 40’s our new arrival was going to change our lives dramatically. From the moment [...]

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Sarah's Miscarriage Story  I was 36 so in 2006.  We had moved to America in the May and I was really keen to get pregnant as soon as possible. We had one child already who was 6 and had been trying for about 3 years to have another without any luck. All that time [...]

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Julia’s Miscarriage Story

It was 7 years ago, I was 42, I was very happy to be pregnant and there was a big gap after my son and daughter but I knew it would work.  I felt good, I was at a healthy point in my life. When I first went to the Dr and told her I [...]

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