your CHERISH time awaits

I get it you’re extremely busy with life.

Something is always happening.  You’ve always got stuff to do.

The moment you sit down to relax, guilt starts creeping in!

How do you deal with the constant noise? The never ending to-do lists!

Not being able to focus on anything as your mind is always somewhere else?

With The Cherish Circle membership, you can carve out some you time, and immerse yourself in a calm safe space where we’ll focus on supporting self-healing – allowing you to become more grounded and feel yourself again.

Welcome to the sanctuary of The Cherish Circle: where you’ll be enlightened by intuitive and holistic healing strategies.

  • We’ll be looking at how journaling can be a form of self-discovery;
  • how listening to tuning forks can restore inner balance and health;
  • and how the techniques of breathwork can deepen relaxation and improve focus and memory.
  • And so much more…

Each session will start and end with a guided meditation – to be fully in tune with your body. To get out of your head and into your heart.

Don’t lose yourself in this busy and noisy world.

Regain your relationships, become more productive at work, and be in the moment with your family and friends – instead of constantly thinking about the next thing.

join here for the price of £53 a month

“With Jo’s support, I was able to relax, be more compassionate towards myself, give myself some time out and make decisions about further treatment. I felt very contained by Jo, and she also made me accountable, which I really appreciate. I am so grateful to Jo for her support” 


“Jo is a wonderful, nurturing and supportive intuitive coach, who genuinely cares about her clients” 


The date or timing of the session doesn’t fit with your schedule? 

Not to worry!  The recordings will be uploaded to The Cherish Circle membership page where only members can access them  – you won’t miss a thing. 

Not ready to commit to a membership yet? Why not come along to your first session for free –  try taking the time to reconnect with yourself, be in the moment and reignite your passion for life.