Feeling isolated after a miscarriage?

Like no-one really understands what you’re going through?

Trying to carry on as if nothing has happened?

It’s draining, isn’t it? So many women simply bury their feelings and soldier on after miscarriage. I know because I’ve been there. When I lost my first baby at 24 weeks – his name was John – I was devastated, both at the time and for years afterwards. So if the people around you don’t seem to understand, I have a pretty good idea.

But however you feel right now, with the right support you can live a good life after miscarriage.

An absolutely great one, in fact.

That’s why I created the Transform the Trauma of Miscarriage programme. It’s designed to help women like you (and me) recover and ultimately find hope, acceptance and joy.

Jo has such a lovely positive manner. She is a great listener and I felt comfortable with her straight away. She reassured me throughout the session and kept it light hearted. A day or two after seeing her, I was finally able to visualise having a baby, which I haven’t been able to do before. PRYIA


Moving on isn’t about changing just one thing. Together we look at every aspect of your life that’s been affected by the loss of your baby.

  • Let yourself invest time in your recovery, heal and move on at your own pace.
  • Join the programme to share your story with others who’ve had similar experiences – however long ago – in a safe, welcoming space. A space where you can be frank and open, no sugar-coating required.
  • Over time, move from feeling overwhelmed to empowered, learning tools to help you manage your feelings.

What does the programme involve?

During the course we look at 4 aspects of your life:


Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious? Jealous of women who are pregnant? That’s totally understandable. Often when we struggle with challenges in life, our way of thinking is what holds us back. So we’ll work through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to help you reach a happier place – without spending years (and a small fortune) with a therapist.

Jo has a big heart and a wonderful ear. I’ll admit I was not looking forward to my session. Why? I was terrified of the pop of the cork and gush of emotions which might occur… But I trusted Jo, so I felt safe. I think being able to talk about what happened in a safe environment was so important. JULIA


We also look at how your experience has affected your relationships – with everyone from your partner and wider family to your friends. Are they supportive or dismissive? Do their attempts to help make you feel uncomfortable or resentful? Do they simply not know what to say?

And we explore your feelings about your lost baby. Can you think and talk about him/her, or are you trying to carry on as if nothing’s happened?


Hard as it may seem, you can heal from this. I use my professional training and a range of holistic therapies to help you heal in mind, body and soul. In turn, you’ll learn a range of techniques and tools to help you cope now and feel stronger in future.

When I heard of therapy that might help me deal with my recurrent miscarriages, I jumped at the chance to try Jo’s services. At first I felt nervy about opening up and discussing this, which has been a great source of sadness for me for many years. But Jo’s calming, gentle manner put me at ease straight away. CARLY



As you move on, you might feel like a change, or simply doing something to make yourself feel better. It could be volunteering, starting a business, travelling or even sky-diving. Okay, that might sound ridiculous right now. But, in fact, research shows that people who respond to hardship by doing something meaningful are much more likely to overcome it.

Together we’ll explore and visualise what you want. Then you’ll be ready to take action.

So how does the TRANSFORM THE TRAUMA OF MISCARRIAGE programme work?

You and the other programme members get to know me and each other during regular group video calls. We meet on Zoom every week over a period of 8 weeks. We also connect through a Facebook group whenever you need support.

I’m Jo. And I’ve walked in your shoes.

I’ve been a holistic therapist for 20 years, helping people manage stress and wellbeing with a range of therapies at Jo Tocher Holistics. Having lost two babies in pregnancy myself – one at 24 weeks, the second at 8 weeks – I know how painfully lonely it feels when becoming a mother turns out to be harder than you expect.

Did you know 95% of women have no support, counselling or therapy after miscarriage? I discovered that surprising statistic in a 2017 survey I conducted. As a trained Miscarriage Mentor, I support women in a heartfelt and gentle way, so they feel less alone and able to find joy again.


I’m not sure if a group programme is for me…

Working with a group lets you share and bond with other women going through the same thing, which in turn helps you feel understood, supported and less alone. But if you’d prefer to work with me one-to-one, that’s also fine.


What are the payment terms?

You can pay in full upfront or by monthly instalments, whatever suits you best.

What if I don’t feel better by the end of the programme?

From experience I’ve found that women who follow my suggestions and devote time to working on themselves heal more quickly. But I’m afraid there are no guarantees you’ll feel fully recovered after taking part.

Still unsure?

If you decide this isn’t for you after the first two weeks, no problem. You can have your money back.

Please don’t soldier on in silence – talk to me.

A little support can help you feel much better. During our call, you can share your story and I’ll tell you more about how the programme can help you recover, cope better and move on to the next part of your life.


After losing our much longed-for baby Grace Rose to a missed miscarriage, it was a struggle to find support and guidance. It was important for me to find the right person who would understand how I felt and let me speak freely and honestly about our loss. Immediately on meeting Jo online, she put me at ease. I trusted her approach and, although I didn’t know how our sessions would pan out, I knew she was the person to help. 


Working with Jo is a revelation. She instinctively guides you, listens with empathy and helps you release whatever needs to be released using a combination of techniques and energy work. As a result of our sessions I’ve been able to work through the trauma and grief. I feel more empowered in myself and able to share our story to help other women who have experienced miscarriages. Thank you Jo x MELANIE