I am excited to share the launch of my new aromatherapy blends, coming soon in March, 2021…

Aromatherapy was my first love, career-wise, and something I’ve been longing to get back to.

For many of us, the events of the last year have prompted us to reassess what’s important to us, and what makes us feel alive.

Something I love is helping others to feel alive and re-engaging with themselves. Aromatherapy is a beautiful medium for doing that.

Allow me to introduce you to the first 3 blends from my new passion project, Essences By Jo.


Relax, Replenish & Revive have been created to address the biggest issues I’m seeing around me.

Many of us are tired, wired, and running on empty.  These blends will help you to rest properly, refill your cup and re-energise your body and mind.

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Here’s what’s coming up…

These 3 blends will be available soon, sold individually or in bundles of any combination you desire.

During launch week (date TBC) I will be offering special one-off discounts, so come and join my mailing list to be among the first to know!

If you are on Instagram, come and follow me. I will be running a special launch week giveaway (UK only this time, due to postage), and you could be the lucky winner of a gift bundle.

Join my Mailing list & catch the launch week discounts

I carry a lot of my stress in my neck and shoulders, and being on the computer a great deal doesn’t help. I wanted to feel less stressed in this area and to be able to move my head more easily.  We all need to look after ourselves, whether you have a tight neck like me or just need some pampering and time for you.


I consulted with Jo and found the most wonderful blend of oils that I needed to help me relax and unwind. The end result was a glorious feeling of relaxation and the most wonderful sleep. Jo has an abundant knowledge of what oils to use, and will leave her clients feeling deeply relaxed, and reconnected to themselves again.


I am so pleased that I treated myself to some treatments from Jo. I know I find it hard to prioritise spending money on myself, which is craziness given the work I do! Jo is warm, knowledgeable and kind, she is an extremely intuitive healer.