Hello and welcome to
Light After Loss

Have you recently experienced a loss in your life?

A major change due to the death of a loved one? It could be a parent, partner, family member, friend or even an adored pet.

Are you wondering where you fit in now?

You might feel that the world keeps turning while you’re standing still. That nothing means the same anymore and your zest for life has taken a dip.

After big life changes like these, it can take a while to come back to yourself and begin to find your new normal. Things can’t be the same once something you held dear is no longer there – because a bit of you has gone with it.

You may be feeling…

  • Lost your identity

  • Isolated, feeling no-one really understands

  • Angry

  • Low in confidence

  • Sad and depressed

  • Or generally discombobulated

But it IS possible to feel revitalised, more optimistic and able to move on.
To help you do that, please consider joining my After-Loss Facebook Group.

You’ll find the understanding and pressure-free support you need to feel less stuck and find joy in life once again.

“Healing isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it to get the sunshine back in your life”

Why work with me?

All those feelings listed above? That’s how I felt when my mother died in 2019, coming soon after my father passed away the year before. It’s how I felt when I lost my first baby at 24 weeks. Which means I have a pretty firm handle on grief in its many guises.

I remember feeling excessively angry about little things at times. It wasn’t until my teenage daughter said, “Why are you getting so cross about this? It’s not that deep!” that I realised it was grief playing out.

And with time, understanding and loving support, I’m coming back to myself too.