Hello and welcome to
Life After Miscarriage

Here you will gain the help you need to find a path through the maze of miscarriage.

The devastating experience of miscarriage can often feel like a ‘silent pain’ and we are here to help ease the pain and provide you with miscarriage support.

Everyone will experience miscarriage differently and our help is bespoke to you.

You do not need to be alone, we can offer support in a number of ways.

You may be feeling

  • Overwhelmed

  • Sad

  • Isolated

  • Pessimistic

  • Lost

  • Anxious

  • Fearful

  • Numb

  • Hurt

  • Guilty

  • Angry

  • Unfulfilled

  • Like something’s missing

You may be experiencing

  • Sleep problems

  • Lingering depression

  • Unfulfillment or lack of motivation at work

  • Dissatisfaction/disconnection in your relationship

  • Unhealthy choices around food and alcohol

  • Friendship problems and fallouts

  • Resentment towards loved ones who don’t understand

  • Dissatisfaction with your life

  • An inability to feel positive about the future

  • A tendency towards self-destructive behaviour

“Healing isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it to get the sunshine back in your life”

The Good News

Help is at hand. Recognising that you tick a few or more of the above is the first step – the next is contacting me at Life After Miscarriage, because I can help you to heal. Click on My Miscarriage Story to find out more about me and learn how to find that light at the end of the tunnel. And if you would like my help click on How Can I Help You? to find out about the services I offer. And don’t forget to read my Blog which explores why miscarriage has such an impact, and how we can let go of those overwhelming feelings. Most of all remember: you are not alone. Because there is life after miscarriage and it can be good – even great.