How Can I Help You?

When I lost my first baby at 24 weeks it had a devastating effect on me, both at the time and for many years afterwards. In the last few years I lost both my parents. So while the people around you may not always get how you feel about your devastating loss and trauma, I have a pretty good idea.

Many people soldier on after their loss and trauma experienced in childhood and bury their feelings, and this can have a damaging impact on your life. And not feeling able to talk about it because others want you to ‘move on’ can make you feel isolated.

We often put that into a box and stuff it away, thinking we have dealt with it. But here’s the thing…. in time it begins to play out.  It can play out in various ways, in your body via aches and pains, on your skin with breakouts, psoriasis and eczema.  In your emotions, with anger, resentment, shame, and low self worth.  I am here to talk when you feel ready to. With my 20 years’ experience of working with people holistically and spiritually, I offer a variety of services, depending on your specific needs. Because however you feel right now, with the right help life after loss and trauma can be good – even great.

Cherish You Online Programme

Some people prefer to work in a group and share their experience with like-minded people who understand what they are going through. This is a way of making new friendships and getting and giving support in a safe environment. A 12-week programme where we will look at you, your life, your work and work through some challenges and issues that you may face. The feeling of isolation, the lack of confidence and the loss of identity are some common issues that arise. Cherishing ourselves, is generally lost and forgotten as we navigate our healing after trauma.  The aim is to get you cherishing the very essence of you, the truth of you, the YOUist of YOU!

After working through the programme you will feel lighter, more confident and positive around your future and what it looks like. You’ll know that cherishing yourself isn’t self indulgent, its very very necessary. We will meet on Zoom once per week for an hour. The following are the main areas we will be covering:

Investment: £998

Call me on 07791 646801 for a free 15 minute consultation to see if it’s right for you.

A day with me…

For those who prefer the privacy of a private consultation I also offer a One To One Serenity Day. I use healing treatments and techniques to tackle issues and emotions that you’re struggling with and give you clarity and a sense of calm. During this private five-hour session I will work with you on the specific issues you are struggling with, helping you clear the debilitating thoughts and feelings surrounding your loss. You’ll leave with clarity, a sense of calm and a clear vision of what you want to do next.

Investment: £988


One-To-Ones to enable you to explore your feelings in more depth. This gives you more time to release those stuck emotions so you can move forward with your life feeling uplifted, confident and lighter . We will work on a specific issue that you want to address via a combination of wellbeing coaching and energy work depending on your specific needs.

Investment: £250

The Cocoon

Created with love and deep personal insight, The Cocoon is your safe space where I share with you my three decades of experience, guidance and wisdom.

We meet weekly, for three months of sacred one-to-one time.  In this container you’ll experience a bespoke blend of coaching, energy work, healing, meditations, visualisation and essential oils, and tuning forks by tuning into your specific needs.

You’ll release the heavy emotions that can keep you stuck and prevent you from being the person you were before you were derailed by childhood trauma.

We embrace where you are now, and allow it to be the foundation for your return to a peaceful new version of yourself, setting out into the world once more with gentle, loving focus.

This is a unique, blended experience of transformation and joy.  We walk together with the intent that you return to the empowered, happy woman that you know deep down, and may have temporarily lost sight of.

Join me for this sacred return to you.

Friends and Family!

If a loved one is struggling with trauma of, you could treat them to some One-To-Ones. Apart from giving genuinely practical help they are a lovely way of saying ‘I don’t always understand but I really care’.

Call me on 07791 646801 for a free 15 minute consultation to see if it’s right for you.