Oracle Cards are a wonderful way to get clarity in our fast paced world.  Take a moment to shuffle the deck and choose an inspiring message for your day.  The cards have 3 suits – Love/Passion, Hope and Peace.  Whichever card you draw, will inspire you and guide you with a problem, which in turn will help you find a solution and gain clarity.

You can shuffle the cards to choose one, or choose one from each suit.  Let your inspiration and energy guide your choice.

These cards are ideal for coaches, healers & therapists to use with clients and also to use on self, for the ultimate in self care. They are also perfect to use on a Retreat.


The art work, by Siri Opli – tells its own story and the words are matched to inspire.  The art work alone, packs a powerful punch! The energetics in these cards comes from the highest of the high, and have been channelled for the greater good.





I’m excited to announce the production of my very own deck of Oracle Cards called Cherish.

These cards can be used when you need a little inspiration on a day when you feel stuck, or in fact any day, when you just need some words of wisdom.

The artwork packs a punch and tells it’s own story, and I have accompanied each card with inspirational words to help you find clarity around a matter which is worrying you.  You will notice the majority of the words are RE words, with a smattering of power words, such as love, joy, trust, peace, passion and hope.

The deck makes a wonderful gift, but also can be used by coaches, therapists, mentors and teachers in their practice, with their clients.



Art work – SIRI OPLI

Words – Jo Tocher


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