My Testimonials

Jo has been an absolute lifeline whilst I’ve been going through a couple of really challenging issues. Her approach is flexible and dynamic as she has a lot of tools and modalities to draw from and can be led by what the client needs in that specific moment.

This is really important as often recovery and grief are unpredictable and the healing that supports it needs to be able to adapt to how you’re feeling and what’s going on on the day.

She is intuitive and so supportive – and has gone out of her way to help me/check-in with me when she knew I was having various hospital appointments etc.

I would and have recommended Jo to anyone struggling with loss. Her excellent book is a good starting point.

When I started working with Jo, I was in a very strange place in my life and mind. I had moved across the country, had a baby and then the pandemic hit and I was suddenly unable to work and feeling completely alone with my gorgeous baby.

I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression by my GP. Through working with Jo, she helped me to see over a period of time that the changes in my mood, feelings, thoughts and behaviours were very much cyclical. The diagnosis was revised to Pre-menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), and without Jo’s support, and coaching I think this difference would have taken a lot longer to happen.

With Jo’s support, I was able to relax, be more compassionate towards myself, give myself some time out and make decisions about further treatment. I felt very contained by Jo, and she also made me accountable, which I really appreciate.

I am so grateful to Jo for her support.

I have known Jo for many years and you would be hard-pressed to find a more caring, knowledgable, empathetic and generally all-around wonderful practitioner.

I have been both a client of hers, an avid reader of her wonderful book and have seen how her business has flourished.

For anyone dealing with loss in whatever form that may take I would highly recommend a chat with Jo she has a way of understanding and holding the space for you that’s so special and key to why she is in my opinion born to do this work.

I heard a lot about and finally met Jo through mutual colleagues and friends.

It wasn’t until I needed an aromatherapist to add value to my live-online sound healing course that we worked together.

I knew Jo was a specialist in grief and the Energy Alignment Method what I didn’t know was her knowledge of essential oils too. She was the perfect match for my course, not just adding another tool into the box I was providing to help my clients manage some of the massive emotions they were releasing, but also because a lot of those emotions were grief based.

In the live calls, Jo joined on I was provided with the honour of watching how Jo operates, which she did at all times honouring that it was someone else’s course she was enhancing. I would highly recommend Jo for anyone wanting to process their grief, she has an abundance of tools and experience she brings to the table and a gentle style that encourages an unfolding in those she is working with. A very safe pair of hands.


I met Jo through Rakhee at Fertility bump and beyond. I have been struggling with getting pregnant and my husband and I decided to speak to someone about the challenges we’ve been facing. During my initial consultation and as I started speaking Rakhee quickly mentioned Jo’s name. She said I had a lot of emotional trauma I needed to deal with and she was almost convinced this was one of the main reasons my body was not doing what I needed it to. My journey with Rakhee continued here on and along the way I met Jo.

I walked into my first session with Jo with absolutely no idea what I would be doing. I had no idea what the session would entail and yet there I was! Jo immediately calmed my nerves from the moment we introduced ourselves to each other and greeted each other. She has a very calming aura. I felt close to her pretty much as soon as I started sharing my story with her. We spoke for almost an hour or more. I told her everything about my life story and felt comfortable enough to share details with her that I have never really spoken to anyone else about other than my husband and sister.

I have had a traumatic life since childhood and I knew I had gotten to a point in my life where I needed to deal with this trauma. It had made me a person who did not know how to put her own needs first. I was constantly consumed with guilt. I was lost. I was just not in a very happy place within myself.

Jo listened intently to every detail of my story, she helped with the tears and she gave me some water. Once I had finished talking she explained what she did, EAM, energy alignment method. She told me that it may not make sense to me at first but to give it a chance and to see how I felt.

I closed my eyes and listened to what Jo told me. I let my body do the work as it responded with a yes or no to her questions by swaying forward or backwards. I can’t really explain what happened during my sessions with Jo but I can tell you that I honestly believe these sessions transformed my life.

By releasing blockages within me and allowing goodness into me I was able to think clearly. I was able to see things differently. I was able to bring positive changes into my life. I feel like I am a completely different person now since my sessions with Jo. She absolutely helped me change my life and gave me the tools I had been unknowingly searching for to get me where I needed to be. I cannot praise her enough and I will forever be grateful for all she has done to help me along my journey.

For anyone who is unsure about starting sessions with Jo, all I will say is give it a go. Nothing will change in your life or your thought patterns if you do not give yourself the chance to try.

Good luck on your own journey x


After losing our very much long for baby Grace Rose to a missed miscarriage, it was a struggle to find support and guidance on how to help me heal, grieve and move forward. It was important for me to find the right person who would understand how I felt and provide a safe space to be able to speak freely and honestly about our loss.

Immediately on meeting Jo online, she put me at ease. I trusted her approach and although I didn’t know how our sessions would pan out I knew Jo was the person to help me.

Working with Jo is a revelation, she instinctively guides you, listens with empathy and helps you to release whatever it is that needs to be released with a combination of techniques and energy work.

As a result of our sessions I have been able to process and work through the trauma and grief with Jo and feel more empowered in myself and to share our story to help support other women who have also experienced miscarriages. Thank you Jo x


Jo has a big heart and a wonderful ear.
Possibly, the most important qualities for anybody who has gone through a miscarriage of any sort. I’ll admit I was not looking forward to my session with Jo. Why? I was terrified of the pop of the cork and gush of emotions which might occur…the unleashing of all those buried thoughts. But I already knew and trusted Jo so I felt safe. It was when I first read Jo’s story that feelings, emotions etc started to bubble. I squashed that stuff so far down inside that I had virtually forgotten how things had felt for me. It’s stuff that simply hadn’t been dealt with – it was a long time ago – over 7 years. The fact that it started to bubble recently is not surprising and I think being able to talk about what happened in a safe environment was so important. It helped me start to analyse and put some logic to what had occurred. Clearly there’s still work to be done but I am glad to have started to give this issue, the full recognition it deserved at the time and for always onward. Thank you Jo.


I have known Jo through my extended social circle for many years.  When I heard that she was offering a new type of therapy that may help me deal with my recurrent miscarriages, I jumped at the chance to try her services.  Although at first I felt a little nervy about opening up and discussing this subject, which has been a great source of sadness for me for many years, Jo’s calming and gentle manner made me feel at ease straight away. 

She talked me through the technique and the desired outcome so that I understood how the day would be structured. Each section was easy to work though and, whilst some parts were emotionally difficult for me, we worked through them and I felt better afterwards. At the end, we talked through the ongoing things that I need to do at home for my continued emotional wellbeing.

After the session, I felt ‘lighter’ and generally happier.  In the days that followed, I found myself laughing more and feeling calmer.

Overall I would highly recommend the EAM technique and Jo Tocher, in particular.  She is genuinely interested in her clients and I felt that throughout the session.


Jo is a wonderful, nurturing and supportive facilitator, who genuinely cares about her clients. 

I came to Jo feeling heartbroken from my experience of miscarriage, and after agreeing to multiple sessions with Jo, the transformation I experienced within a relatively short period of time was amazing – I really didn’t know how I’d get through this painful period in my life and Jo’s kindness, experience and compassion truly contributed to my healing. Not only did our sessions help me to reframe this traumatic experience and negative thinking patterns, empowering me to move forward and try again for a baby, the tools Jo shared also helped my husband and I to work through this emotionally challenging time with a greater sense of perspective, insight and support.

The sessions were an ideal blend of talking therapy and practical exercises to work with shifting the negative energy and trauma I was going through. I now feel more hopeful, positive and kinder to myself as a result of working with Jo, and I’m so grateful for this service she offers. My husband is also grateful for Jo’s guidance and what a healing source of support she has been for us both.
Experiencing a miscarriage is such a life-changing event, and there are so many women who truly need this support. I would highly recommend working with Jo.” 

“No-one gets what you’re going through”